Commtrex Top 10 Railcar Repair Shops

MSE’s Britt Shop in Moss Point, MS and ALE’s railcar repair shop in Mobile, AL provide full service railcar maintenance and repairs.  A mobile repair crew also offers services offsite as well.  List of services below.

  • Employs experienced and qualified locomotive and railcar technicians with over 90 years of experience
  • Performs a full range of repairs (maintenance, repair, cleaning, inspections, and remarking) as well as administering preventive maintenance programs.
  • Customizable preventive maintenance and quality control planning
  • On/off lease, interior, and interior lining inspections capabilities
  • Conducts railcar repairs onsite at MSE and offsite at customer facilities
  • Holds AAR M-1003 (B25, C5, & C6r) and RJL certifications allowing for running repairs and the removal and reapplication of tank valves as well as the recertification of tank valves
  • Offers railcar cleaning services in partnership with HydroCon

For information, please contact

Lee Bradburn
Quality Manager
(228) 474-0703

Matt Fryfogle
Railcar Maintenance Superintendent
(228) 474-0713

Our Services

  • AAR/FRA Running Defects
  • AEI tags
  • Heavy Freight Car Repair
  • Inspection/Assessment
  • Railcar General Repair
  • Wreck Repair
  • Railcar Cleaning
  • Railcar Air Brake Testing
  • Railcar Interchange/Condition Inspection
  • Remove, recertify, and reapply tank car service equipment including leak tests
  • Recondition, repair, and quality tank car valves